Mariah Carey Show at Ceasar’s Palace

18 May

During her prime, Mariah Carey had a voice both electrifying and mesmerizing. There was no other singer quite like her. So when I had heard that she would be having a show in Las Vegas, I was seriously contemplating making a trip to see her.

Soon after her opening night, I read a review which was quite positive, stating that Mariah still puts on a good show. This clinched the deal for me and I knew I must buy a ticket, not wanting to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Inside the Colosseum, the stage’s curtains had her initials “MC” on them, reminding us that at any minute our songstress would be in close proximity. The very idea that I would be seeing her sing live in about 10 minutes, had me overjoyed with enthusiasm, hardly able to contain myself.


When the curtains opened, there she was, in a black sequence dress, opening the show with her first #1 hit and my favorite song of hers, Vision of Love. I felt like I was truly in heaven. The song was sang just how I remembered it. It instantly took me back to my childhood memories of my mom and I singing along in the living room.

Photo by Isaac Brekken

Photo by Isaac Brekken

Soon after she was done with Vision of Love she announced she would be singing all of her #1s in chronological order.

She performed 18 of her #1 hits. “Heartbreaker”, “Hero”, “Always Be My Baby”, and “Honey” were among them. She came out in a convertible, jet ski, and even selected one lucky fan to perform “Touch my Body” to on a bed! She walked through the crowd twice and also made a point to chat with her fans throughout her performances. She told us some of the stories behind her songs. She’s a singer who likes to connect with her fans.

MARIAH CAREY PREVIEW MAY 4 2015  Photos By Denise Truscello

MAY 4 2015
Photos By Denise Truscello

I enjoyed her touching tribute to Micheal Jackson’s I’ll be there. While singing the song, she had a video clip of Micheal Jackson performing it as a young child.

The show is called #1 to Infinity because she performs her new song Infinity at the end. You can even sing along with the lyrics provided on the video screen in front of you.

The hardcore fans won’t be disappointed. So hurry up and grab your tickets. Her show will be going on through July. Click here for tickets.

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