Seattle Fashion Week’s Public Preview Party

5 Jun

With Seattle Fashion Week around the corner, it was only fitting for a public preview party to take place. I had the opportunity to attend this party. Many people in the industry were in attendance including designers, models and photographers. This event gave the public the chance at a sneak peek of fashion to come, showing us some stunning dresses modeled up close.


Photo by Jared Ribic

The designers were introduced publicly and I got the chance to talk with a few of them. I asked them where their inspiration comes from and what we can expect from this year’s collection.

Photo by Jared Ribic.  I'm talking with Designers Julie Danforth and Erika Bond.

Photo by Jared Ribic. I’m talking with Designers Julie Danforth and Erika Bond.

Kate Kinkle grew up with a mom in the lingerie business. Sexy lingerie helped drive her to become a designer. Her collection, in particular, was inspired by goth, having a dark edgy look to it. This ready to wear clothing line will appear opening night on June 11th.

I also sat down with Justin Zachary, who spoke of how his work is driven from love. He told me of how this love is both magical and unconditional. Showing me a beautiful painting that spoke to him, he pointed out the color of the sea in this painting and has used a similar color in his collection. The clothing line is custom-made, also known as Haute Couture. Justin Zachary’s collection will be shown on June 13th.

Photo by Jared Ribic.

Photo by Jared Ribic. Designers Kate Kinkle and Justin Zachary.

Another designer who I also enjoyed speaking with was Erika Bond. Her collection was inspired by the character Estella in Great Expectations. In particular, when played by Gwyneth Paltrow in the motion picture. Erika remembers her as a sexy character who toyed with the male character’s love for her. Her clothing line is custom-made as well and will be showcased on June 13th.

Photo by Jared Ribic

Photo by Jared Ribic

Finally, I met with Julie Danforth. She described her collection as old Hollywood glam. Julie has her clothing for sale at the Co Lab. She has also designed a dress for Metropolitan Fashion Week, among others. Catch her custom luxury collection on June 13th.

After reviewing the designers’ websites and talking with each of them, there’s no doubt they are the best of the best.

After a 4 year hiatus, I can’t wait to see what is in store for Seattle Fashion Week. Get ready for some visually stunning fashion from these top-notch designers. Click here to get your tickets while they are still available.

For more info on the designers I spoke with, check out their website below.


Kate Kinkle –

Justin Zachary –

Erika Bond –

Julie Danforth –

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