Seattle Art Museum’s Night of Disguise

22 Jun

I had the pleasure of attending the night of disguise event at the Seattle Art Museum last Friday. It was a night full of arts and crafts, performances, and several guided tours.

I first checked out a performance of intense trans-like music with a screen of 3D graphic design-looking art with live motion. It reminded me of a well designed video game. It was definitely something new to me and captivating to the eye. Around the corner was an arts and crafts table for kids to explore their creative side.

As I made my way up to the exhibit, I wondered the halls to view many of the sculptures and paintings on display. They had glass sculptures from Dale Chihuly, and several other sculptures.

At the top floor was the disguise exhibit. They were having guided tours if you were interested in learning more.  Many of these masks appeared tribal. They were from parts of Africa, like Niger.



My favorite part was the colorful figures seated in a meditation pose. The detail and colors were beautiful. The faces were made with glass squares, which gave it a sparkly look.

There were also figures draped in cloth with masks covering the faces. It was kind of eerie yet one could not help but look at them. It felt as if they were real people with faces behind masks peering right back at you.


At the end of the exhibit, you could look in the mirror, while standing behind many different masks, and it would appear as if you were actually wearing the mask.


I would recommend this exhibit to anyone interested in seeing global African art that is tribal and colorful.

Disguise: Masks and Global African Art will be on display at the Seattle Art Museum from June 18th – September 7th 2015. To get your tickets, click here.

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