Flamingo – Review

4 Aug

Last Friday I got to check out the Flamingo show at the Can Can. If you haven’t had a chance to see it, I urge you to check it out. The shows at the Can Can are always very visually appealing. Glitter, sequence, bright colors, swing sets, feathers, and bubbles are just some of the images you will see at this show.

photo by Alex Crick.

photo by Alex Crick.

The show had many different performances, each one having different music, props, costumes and style. We were able to see a wide variety of chemistry play out between many different dancers as well as the group as a whole.

I particularly enjoyed the opening group performance with its bright colors and upbeat music. This performance really made an entrance. Following it, we would see a cute performance of a dancer dancing in a bathtub with bubbles all around her.

photo by Alex Crick.

photo by Alex Crick.

photo by Alex Crick

photo by Alex Crick

There were even acrobatics. A male dancer swung incredibly fast using a rope.

This show was filled with all kinds of talents and even had some comedy. All of the dancing was on point and I could not say enough about this show. These dancers were so good, it seemed like they were out of a music video. Simply an amazing show that will draw you in with its seduction and dance moves.

The show will be going on until October. Click here for tickets.

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