Seattle Art Museum’s Remix tonight

21 Aug


AUG 21 2015



8 PM – 11:59 PM

#SAMRemix returns and we celebrate summer at the Olympic Sculpture Park among Sam Vernon’s site-specific installation, How Ghosts Sleep (Seattle): Hive and SAM’s Olympic Sculpture Park collection, during a special evening of performances, tours, dancing and more at this late-night creative explosion.

SAM Remix – Aug 2015 OSP

SAM Remix – Aug 2015 OSP

The night’s activities include:

  • Dance under the stars to soul, funk, and original beats with OCNotes.
  • Keep moving all night long to hip-hop and pop beats with DJ Josai.
  • Experience a psychedelic, fantastical journey with modern day oracle Queen Shmooquan.
  • Grab some space on the lawn and take in the cat extravaganza with The Internet Cat Video Festival, produced and curated by the Walker Art Center.
  • Get surprised by two super-secret bands brought by, Seattle Secret Shows.
  • Add to collective forms and transform your image into a Visible Beast with Polina Tereshina.
  • Create recycled charms and wearable art withTariqa Waters.
  • Grow a collective tree sculpture with Alicia Betty, inspired by Dan Webb’s Break It Down .
  • Are you an owlligator? A zebrat? Discover your inner and outer spirit animals with miss TANGQ.
  • Davione Gordon responds in movement to Sam Vernon’s How Ghosts Sleep (Seattle): Hive .
  • Shine a light onto 20,000 years of Seattle history with an interactive shadow installation, About Time, by Michael Lewis and Jordan West Monez.

Explore the park in new and unexpected ways with My Favorite Things: Highly Opinionated Tours led by artists, community figures and special guests including:

  • Lucien Pellegrin, founder of Love City Love, photographer
  • David Hytone, Seattle artist, host of The Makers Podcast
  • Allison Kudla, artist, scientist, and technologist
  • Karleen Ilagan and Robin Guilfoil, owners of Moksha clothing boutique and art collective
  • Clarissa San Diego, co-founder of SoDo Makerspace
  • Michael Lewis and Jordan West Monez, designers and artists from Duwamish Reveale

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