SAM Remix – Review

14 Mar

If you haven’t been to a SAM Remix, I urge you to check it out. If you like to dance, drink, participate in activities, and enjoy art, than this is the event for you.

The art that was on display was Kehinde Wiley’s New Republic. This art was my favorite headliner at a Remix yet. The paintings were full of vibrant colors and many patterns. One could see the multiple talents this artist embodies. The artist not only had paintings, but sculptures and stain glass art as well. All of the art had a theme of displaying street style black men in poses that you would normally see white men capturing, usually on a white horse with a sword or some other victorious pose. Some I could recognize as celebrities. When you first walk in, you see a painting of Michael Jackson, which had a huge presence,  with its size and colors.


The art made you think about race and how you would normally see white men in these paintings and sculptures, whether presidents or other historical figures. We don’t see black men and women displayed in our art history like this and it makes you realize the inequality that exists in art. Kehinde Wiley’s art celebrates black men and women.


There was also many activities to participate in. You could mix your own music on a laptop with different playlists and beats. If you wanted to cut out pictures of art and form a collage, this was something to do as well. Writing on a mirror one word that describes how you believe people see you, made you think. We also got to see a hip hop dance performed with amazing moves.

This was a fun night! For more information on Kehinde Wiley click here.

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