Through The Looking Glass

24 Mar

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Through the Looking Glass: The Burlesque Alice in Wonderland. This delightful show takes us to a night club called the Looking Glass, where we meet several characters. Each character dazzles us with their charm and style, giving us flawless dance performances filled with comedy, ballet, strip tease and much more.

The characters had plenty of personality and wore elaborate costumes. There was a caterpillar, Tweetle Dee dancers, a mysterious claw-like creature, Chandeliers, a Mad Hatter, Eat Me and Drink Me waitresses and much more.


Photo by POC Photo

One of my favorites was the Cheshire Cat who performed in slow cat-like movements seducing the audience with her long legs and disobedient manner. She would walk over the couch slowly as if she is up to no good.


Photo by POC Photo

Watching the white queen and red queen dance competitively against one another was fun. Each thought they had better dance moves then the other. It was great chemistry.


Photo by POC Photo


One of the last performances was that of the Queen of Hearts. She fit the role perfectly. During her performance she was wrestling with both the innocent and evil side of herself. This played out through out her dance. She would bat her eyelashes and smile one minute and then gesture wickedly the next.


Photo by POC Photo

These are just some of the many wild performances you will see. I urge you to see this show if you like comedy, dance and burlesque. This show has ballet, modern dance, and jazz mixed into all of its performances. You even get a wide variety of music as well, with jazz, classical, Indian and exotic music. For tickets, click here.

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