STEM: Science Uncorked

26 Apr

Last Friday April 22nd, the Pacific Science Center hosted their annual wine tasting event. With more than 20 wineries in attendance, one was sure to find something to please the palate.


Photo by Pacific Science Center

Attendees had access to the whole Pacific Science Center and could play around with the exhibits while drinking wine. There was also some yummy appetizers, such as stuffed red peppers and figs.


Photo by Pacific Science Center

You definitely got a chance to learn all about wine, whether it was from the knowledgeable wine attendant or from some of the demonstrations.

Some wineries I tasted were Chateau Ste Michelle, Reininger, Locus Wines, College Cellars and Davenport Cellars. One of my favorite type of wine is Rose and there was some good Rose at this event, but Sonas Devons Rose was my favorite. It went down smooth but wasn’t too sweet. Some other favorite wineries were Nota Bene, Barons, and Locus.

I had a good time and look forward to this event again next year. Next time I’ll pay more attention to the demonstrations some wineries had at their table. This would be a good way to learn more about wine.


2 Responses to “STEM: Science Uncorked”

  1. elle schott May 4, 2016 at 8:05 pm #

    I will be in Seattle on the 20th for the first time! I cant wait to go there it has always been on my bucket list!


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