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Fashion for Conservation: Inspiracion Del Peru

23 May

On May 11th Fashion for Conservation took place at the Metropolist.  This show’s proceeds were donated to Hoja Nueva, a Seattle-Peru based charity, which benefits the conservation of the largest unprotected rainforest.

Many of the designers showed us bold patterns and bright colors.


Photo by Samuel S. Grahn

A few of the designers were Claudia Falconi, whose handmade designs are inspired by Peru, Las Polleras De Agus who gave us colorful Peruvian skirts, and Beyond Threads, who uses natural sustainable Fibers, also inspired by Peru.


Photo by Samuel S. Grahn.

My favorite designer was Beyond Threads. The patterns were simple, sophisticated and had a lot of earthy tones. I could see myself wearing the collection to work.


Photo by Samuel S. Grahn

I was unable to stay for the second Fashion Show, which showed us Couture. There are several photos that give us a peek at that show. I’ll add a few below. Amazing designs.

There was also a silent auction with Peruvian bowls, art, jewelery and much more up for auction. This event raised over 15,000 dollars. For more info on Hoja Nueva, click here.

Fashion for Conservation

10 May

You are invited to an exquisite evening with international fashion designers, stunning performers, live musicians, specialty cocktail artists, artisan chocolatiers, and great company to benefit conservation of the largest unprotected rainforest with Seattle-Peru based charity Hoja Nueva. Every $30 protects five acres of the rainforest!


GA tickets starting at $35.00
VIP tickets starting at $75.00
PURCHASE (100% tax deductible):

Featuring: Matinee & Evening Runway Shows, VIP Chocolate & Cocktail Hour, Silent & Live Auction, Visual & Performance Art, and Afterparty for GA & VIP (by invitation only)

*Hosted by Kimber London, Claudia Lorena, and Meiko Parton

We are excited to announce the line-up of designers, performers and artists featuring on May 11th 2016!


MATINEE SHOW: Doors at 5:15pm

【Runway by Evelyn Brooks, New York-Peru】
【Runway by Astrid Vidalon, Seattle-Perú】
【Runway by Zaraid Ancassi Cárdenas, Peru】
【Runway by Víctor Solano Quispe, Peru】
【Runway by Griela Pérez Paredes, Peru】
【Runway by Claudia Falconi, Peru】
【Runway by Beyond Threads, Seattle-Peru】
【Performance by Umario & Natalya】


EVENING SHOW & GALA: Doors at 8:15pm

【Runway by Augusto Manzanarez, New York】
【Runway by Privat, Peru】
【Runway by José Zafra, Peru】
【Runway by Francisco Hernández of Built for Man, Seattle】
【Performances by Umario & Natalya and surprise guests】
【Silent and Live Auction to Save the Amazon Rainforest】

GA AFTERPARTY: Doors at 10:00pm

Event Page:

Reveal Fashion Show at the EMP

5 May

Last Friday April 29th EMP had a fashion show to celebrate fashion and it’s role in the culture of Seattle. There was also a live auction where proceeds would go to programs and exhibits fostering creativity.

We were introduced to the auctioneer who auctioned off some amazing experiences, like tickets to Leonardo DiCaprio’s new movie premier in LA. That had to have been the best item in my humble opinion. He also auctioned off tickets to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In addition, there were several other items for sale, like Taylor Swift’s signed guitar and tickets to the Grammys. Clothing from the designers featured in the runway show were available for purchase as well.

The designs on the runway were fresh, sassy, and bold. Each line had their own character and style.

Schai uses vegetable dyed animal skins and Italian fabric in her collection. Her style is cutting edge and it represents her beliefs about beauty and comfort.


Photo by Brady Harvey/EMP Museum

Built For Man showed us what it’s really like to be a bad ass, with their leather jumpsuits. The designer knows comfort, using natural fibers for his collection, which is modern and light fitting.


photo by Brady Harvey/EMP Museum

Tom Ordonio’s clothing line is both modern and fashion forward. His clothing is stylish yet has a bold simplicity to it. You can make a statement in these clothes. His clothing gives you confidence.


Photo by Brady Harvey/EMP Museum

You can be sure to show individuality with Ozen’s designs. His items are all hand-crafted ranging from every day wear to custom-made. You will definitely turn heads wearing any of his items.


Photo by Brady Harvey/EMP Museum

The designer’s love for the Pacific Northwest shows through in Silvae’s collection. She loves the fine arts and is inspired by the wilderness. There is a soft elegance to her pieces.


Photo by Brady Harvey/EMP Museum

EMP raised over $59,000 from this event. For more info on EMP, click here.

Metropolitan Fashion Week Show

30 Apr

Last Saturday April 23rd, Metropolitan Fashion Week had their final show at the Seattle Art Museum. This show had menswear, swimwear, gowns, costumes and more. Full of glamour, this show wowed us with many amazing designs.


#MetroFW photo by Jared Ribic


#MetroFW photo by Jared Ribic



#MetroFW Photo by Jared Ribic


#MetroFW photo by Jared Ribic

There was no shortage of men’s fashion at this show. Clean cut, dapper and sophisticated, the designers showed us what it really means to be a stylish man. From three-piece suites to tuxedos, menswear had a suit for every occasion. The formal wear was by Suitsupply.

Adicora‘s Niveen Heaton showed off her swimwear. We saw a great variety of looks. There were some that had floral patterns and others with solid colors, such as black. These swimsuits truly got me in the mood for summer time.


#MetroFW photo by Jared Ribic

We also got to see many lavish costumes. Many of them looked like they would do well at a Brazilian festival with their long feathers and sparkly outfits. My favorite was the evil queen’s costume, complete with a bitten apple in her hand. You would surely turn heads wearing it for Halloween.


This fashion show gave us many beautiful gowns with unique styles. One that stood out had a picture of Marilyn Monroe on it.One of my favorite local designers, Julie Danforth showed us several of her pieces as well. Danforth’s gowns have an old Hollywood style to them, with sophistication and glamour.  One could even be a badass, as seen below in the Matrix themed gown. My favorite gown of Danforth’s had to be the deep blue gown shown below. It was gorgeous.


#MetroFW Photo by Jared Ribic


#MetroFW Photo by Jared Ribic


#MetroFW Photo by Jared Ribic


#MetroFW Photo by Jared Ribic


I had a great time at this fashion show and I’m sad this will be the last show for Metropolitan Fashion Week #MetroFW. Seattle has more fashion shows to come, so stay tuned.

Seattle Fashion Week – Custom Designers (Finale)

14 Jun

I’ve truly enjoyed every minute of Seattle Fashion Week.  Last night was the perfect finale for a truly amazing three nights of fashion. I saw the most stunning dresses I have ever seen and they were all custom-made by the designers themselves. I was in awe and very appreciative to be able to witness such stunning beauty and talent from these designers.

Julie Danforth’s designs are inspired from famous designers of the 60’s era, bringing us some old Hollywood glamour. Her designs are very classic yet translate perfectly with what’s hot in today’s fashion industry. Her dresses show us what it looks like to have a classy sophisticated look while still being sexy and beautiful. Her pieces are great for any upscale events you are attending. You can be sure to turn heads wearing her dresses.

Photo by John Martinotti, MariRick Photography, Terri McKee and Identity Crisis Studio.

Photo by John Martinotti, MariRick Photography, Terri McKee and Identity Crisis Studio.

Erika Bond is known for evening wear and uses high quality fabric from Paris, London and New York, to name a few. Her designs embody grace and elegance. I really like how she pairs lace and silk with light pink colors to create a soft touch. Her collection includes many high fashion pieces that would make a lasting impression at any evening event. These dresses are truly classy and sexy.

Photo by John Martinotti, MariRick photography, Terri McKee and Identity Crisis Studio.

Photo by John Martinotti, MariRick photography, Terri McKee and Identity Crisis Studio.

Dream Dresses by P.M.N truly blew my mind. Any one of these dresses I would love to wear for my wedding. All dresses are handcrafted and hand beaded. The intricate details of every dress amazed me. Her collection has a romantic and innocent feel to it. They would be ones you would see at celebrities’ weddings.

Photo by John Martinotti, MariRick Photography, Terri McKee and Identity Crisis Studio.

Photo by John Martinotti, MariRick Photography, Terri McKee and Identity Crisis Studio.

Justin Zachary is a designer who creates evening and bridal gowns. His dresses, too, were some of the most stunning I have ever laid eyes on. I can see why he has designed gowns for the Academy Awards and the Vanity Fair party. His gowns are both dazzling and mesmerizing. These are top-notch gowns designed for the ultimate formal event. They sparkle and shine with a remarkable presence that you won’t soon forget. I had the opportunity of sitting down with Justin Zachary at the Preview Party and he said he gets his inspiration from love. A kind of magical unconditional love that lasts forever. This was definitely apparent last night.

These were just a few of the designers that stole the show last night. We also got to see Juleano, who’s bold and edgy collection commands attention. His clothing is for every rebel without a cause.

The finale closed out Seattle Fashion week with a bang, making what it what I call THE fashion show of the year! Thanks to Seattle Fashion Week for allowing me to be a part of it.

Seattle Fashion Week Ready to Wear Day 2

13 Jun

Last night was Seattle Fashion Week Ready’s to Wear Day 2. 8 clothing lines made their debut, all with their own unique styles. Many different fabrics, patterns and colors were shown from all, making this a show for every fashionista.

Beyond Threads was the first to debut and this line was definitely a perfect way to open the night. This designer is inspired by her homeland Peru, where her fabric is crafted. The fabric is lightweight with a quality feel, made from the finest alpaca, pima cotton, and other natural fibers. Her line really shows us what it means to be crafted with the highest quality and sophistication. Her clothing is perfect for work and will keep you warm during the winter months.

Photo by Identity Crisis Studio, MariRick Photography and John Martinotti Photography.

Photo by Identity Crisis Studio, MariRick Photography and John Martinotti Photography.

11 Degrees South is a line exclusively of scarves. This designer was inspired by the Indonesian culture, using the fabric “Batik”, which is considered formal wear.  A versatile wear, she shows us the different ways one can wear a scarf. We saw them worn as several different tops, a skirt and the many ways of draping it as a scarf. All were elegant and distinct with their patterns and styles. These scarves were quite gorgeous, making them a perfect addition to any outfit.

Photo by Identity Crisis Studio, MariRick Photography and John Martinotti Photography.

Photo by Identity Crisis Studio, MariRick Photography and John Martinotti Photography.

Thoki Tafeni is an award-winning fashion designer and has won the Cape Town Fashion Week Fastrack competition in South African. We are so lucky that she brings her style to Seattle. She shows us how versatile black and white can be. The collection is simplicity at it’s best with styles both sexy and stylish. Her style is known for being feminine yet powerful, new and yet classic. I really enjoyed her collection and would love nothing more but to purchase one of her outfits for a date night out.

Photo by Identity Crisis Studio, MariRick Photography, and John Martinotti Photography.

Photo by Identity Crisis Studio, MariRick Photography, and John Martinotti Photography.

Both Joshua Chirstensen and Michelle Lesniak have appeared on Project Runway. Michelle has impressed the judges with her self-taught designs and her love for art. She uses darker shades of red in a lot of her designs, to create flown sheer fabric, which can be worn casually or for a night out on the town. Joshua provides amazing designs for both men and women. He shows us a line which includes casual wear and swimwear. Both have some floral patterns as well as blue, black and white colors. If you are looking for some great casual wear for the beach, look no further.

Ravishing Marketplace and Poppy & Bloom were also some great collections seen last night. Ravishing is influenced from various places in India, giving us quality with culture. Loved it! Poppy and Bloom brings us wear for sizes 14-24W and many flattering pieces were shown. Various lace and prints make this clothing line perfect for a Sunday brunch.
I really enjoyed this show and look forward to tonight’s finale of custom designs. If the show isn’t already sold out, get yours here.

Seattle Fashion Week’s Public Preview Party

5 Jun

With Seattle Fashion Week around the corner, it was only fitting for a public preview party to take place. I had the opportunity to attend this party. Many people in the industry were in attendance including designers, models and photographers. This event gave the public the chance at a sneak peek of fashion to come, showing us some stunning dresses modeled up close.


Photo by Jared Ribic

The designers were introduced publicly and I got the chance to talk with a few of them. I asked them where their inspiration comes from and what we can expect from this year’s collection.

Photo by Jared Ribic.  I'm talking with Designers Julie Danforth and Erika Bond.

Photo by Jared Ribic. I’m talking with Designers Julie Danforth and Erika Bond.

Kate Kinkle grew up with a mom in the lingerie business. Sexy lingerie helped drive her to become a designer. Her collection, in particular, was inspired by goth, having a dark edgy look to it. This ready to wear clothing line will appear opening night on June 11th.

I also sat down with Justin Zachary, who spoke of how his work is driven from love. He told me of how this love is both magical and unconditional. Showing me a beautiful painting that spoke to him, he pointed out the color of the sea in this painting and has used a similar color in his collection. The clothing line is custom-made, also known as Haute Couture. Justin Zachary’s collection will be shown on June 13th.

Photo by Jared Ribic.

Photo by Jared Ribic. Designers Kate Kinkle and Justin Zachary.

Another designer who I also enjoyed speaking with was Erika Bond. Her collection was inspired by the character Estella in Great Expectations. In particular, when played by Gwyneth Paltrow in the motion picture. Erika remembers her as a sexy character who toyed with the male character’s love for her. Her clothing line is custom-made as well and will be showcased on June 13th.

Photo by Jared Ribic

Photo by Jared Ribic

Finally, I met with Julie Danforth. She described her collection as old Hollywood glam. Julie has her clothing for sale at the Co Lab. She has also designed a dress for Metropolitan Fashion Week, among others. Catch her custom luxury collection on June 13th.

After reviewing the designers’ websites and talking with each of them, there’s no doubt they are the best of the best.

After a 4 year hiatus, I can’t wait to see what is in store for Seattle Fashion Week. Get ready for some visually stunning fashion from these top-notch designers. Click here to get your tickets while they are still available.

For more info on the designers I spoke with, check out their website below.


Kate Kinkle –

Justin Zachary –

Erika Bond –

Julie Danforth –

NW Women’s Show

25 Mar

This past Saturday was spent at the NW Women’s Show. The NW Women’s Show takes place only once a year and I’ve never had the pleasure until now. This event was at the Century Link Field Event Center, which was filled with hundreds of vendors. These vendors were selling products that would claim to add value and convenience to the life of every woman. Food, diet, skin care, weddings, books, jewelry, and household products were among some of the common themes.

There were some vendors that I’d like to mention. One was WineShop At Home. For only 30 dollars, this company brings wine tasting to your home, complete with wine and a wine specialist such as to guide you through the tasting. Another vendor was an author selling his signed book called Magnifique Inside & Out. It discusses how you think others see you and how they really see you and how to bridge the gap between the two. The final Vendor I’d like to mention is BirthdayDreams who brings birthday parties and gifts to homeless children. Click on the link to volunteer or donate.

At the Main stage, several scheduled entertainment acts were showcasing their talent. A few that I had the pleasure of viewing were the Le faux celebrity impersonators and the Firefighters. Both were quite entertaining.

Le Faux

Every women loves to shop and a Women’s show would not be complete without giving us ample opportunity to do so. This being said, there was an area set up with clothing items for sale, where you could bargain shop the racks to find your perfect item for the Spring season.

After a long day of entertainment, shopping, and visiting hundreds of booths, one must stop by Woodinville  Wine Country for wine tasting. This event was huge and one to be experienced. Don’t miss out next year! Post a comment below and tell me if you have been to the NW Women’s Show and what exhibits were your favorites.

Upcoming Events

Annual Fashion Soulstice Fundraiser on Saturday March 28th

Emerald City Comic Con on Saturday March 28th-Sunday March 29th

The New Vintage by The Taste of Washington on Friday March 27th

Project Red Dress 2012

7 Feb

On Friday February 3rd, I attended Project Red Dress 2012 at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel. Twelve different designers showed off their design for a red dress. The designers were from various schools, such as the Art Institute of Seattle, New York Fashion Academy, Seattle Pacific University and more. The winner with the best red dress, won a scholarship, judged by a panel of judges, who are deemed savvy in the fashion industry. The Seattle Magazine and Seattle Bride Magazine’s Fashion Editor, Macy’s Vice President Store Manager, were some of the judges.

Photo by Barbie Hull Photography.

The dresses were modeled by many stunning influential Seattleites while the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber Orchestra performed. My favorite was #1 with its cutting edge sassy backless dress with a short frilly front.

Photo by Barbie Hull Photography.

The winner ended up being Corban Harper with his elegant gown modeled by Miss Washington. The People’s Choice award went to Julius Leano.

Photo by Barbie Hull Photography.

This event raised money and awareness for the American Heart Association. The event was produced by Monir Zandghereishi and directed by the Metropolitan Fashion Week. The host was Jim Dever, reporter for Evening Magazine.

For more information on Project Red Dress, go to

Haute Summer Night Fashion Show

2 Jul

Friday June 24th was the kick off of summer fashion with the event, Haute Summer Fashion Show at the Sodo Commerce Building, and I was there. About 400 people were also in attendance to check out local designers’ 2011 Summer lines. Attendees were treated to a blue carpet entrance while cameras were flashing.

The decor theme was a Summer night’s carnival setting with a real life like boardwalk runway surrounding the area. Food was plentiful and was provided by La Rivera Maya, Dianne’s Delight, PIE, Pop Chips and more.

The Fashion Show contained beautiful girls’ dresses by Ana Louie, lingerie by Suite No. 237, body suits, pants and tops by Rene Ropas, and who could forget the swimwear by Heidi Fish. The swimwear had everything from feminine flirty bikinis to sleek meshed sexy blue one pieces.

I had a great time. There was plenty to eat, plenty to do and plenty of people to meet.

A portion of the proceeds benefit Sew Beautiful, a youth empowered program for women of color dedicated to exploring a career in fashion and pop culture media. This event was produced by Fashion Network Seattle and Blue Shoes Media.

Photos by Seattleite (

Fashion Network Seattle (, Blue Shoes Media ( Sew Beautiful (

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