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Metropolitan Fashion Week Show

30 Apr

Last Saturday April 23rd, Metropolitan Fashion Week had their final show at the Seattle Art Museum. This show had menswear, swimwear, gowns, costumes and more. Full of glamour, this show wowed us with many amazing designs.


#MetroFW photo by Jared Ribic


#MetroFW photo by Jared Ribic



#MetroFW Photo by Jared Ribic


#MetroFW photo by Jared Ribic

There was no shortage of men’s fashion at this show. Clean cut, dapper and sophisticated, the designers showed us what it really means to be a stylish man. From three-piece suites to tuxedos, menswear had a suit for every occasion. The formal wear was by Suitsupply.

Adicora‘s Niveen Heaton showed off her swimwear. We saw a great variety of looks. There were some that had floral patterns and others with solid colors, such as black. These swimsuits truly got me in the mood for summer time.


#MetroFW photo by Jared Ribic

We also got to see many lavish costumes. Many of them looked like they would do well at a Brazilian festival with their long feathers and sparkly outfits. My favorite was the evil queen’s costume, complete with a bitten apple in her hand. You would surely turn heads wearing it for Halloween.


This fashion show gave us many beautiful gowns with unique styles. One that stood out had a picture of Marilyn Monroe on it.One of my favorite local designers, Julie Danforth showed us several of her pieces as well. Danforth’s gowns have an old Hollywood style to them, with sophistication and glamour.  One could even be a badass, as seen below in the Matrix themed gown. My favorite gown of Danforth’s had to be the deep blue gown shown below. It was gorgeous.


#MetroFW Photo by Jared Ribic


#MetroFW Photo by Jared Ribic


#MetroFW Photo by Jared Ribic


#MetroFW Photo by Jared Ribic


I had a great time at this fashion show and I’m sad this will be the last show for Metropolitan Fashion Week #MetroFW. Seattle has more fashion shows to come, so stay tuned.

STEM: Science Uncorked

26 Apr

Last Friday April 22nd, the Pacific Science Center hosted their annual wine tasting event. With more than 20 wineries in attendance, one was sure to find something to please the palate.


Photo by Pacific Science Center

Attendees had access to the whole Pacific Science Center and could play around with the exhibits while drinking wine. There was also some yummy appetizers, such as stuffed red peppers and figs.


Photo by Pacific Science Center

You definitely got a chance to learn all about wine, whether it was from the knowledgeable wine attendant or from some of the demonstrations.

Some wineries I tasted were Chateau Ste Michelle, Reininger, Locus Wines, College Cellars and Davenport Cellars. One of my favorite type of wine is Rose and there was some good Rose at this event, but Sonas Devons Rose was my favorite. It went down smooth but wasn’t too sweet. Some other favorite wineries were Nota Bene, Barons, and Locus.

I had a good time and look forward to this event again next year. Next time I’ll pay more attention to the demonstrations some wineries had at their table. This would be a good way to learn more about wine.


To Savor Tomorrow

18 Apr

Last Saturday night I had the pleasure of seeing a dinner show at Cafe Nordo called To Savor Tomorrow.

The show starts out with a call to Chinese, American, and Russian spies with instructions to take on a mission, where they will steal the secrets of genetic modification on board an airplane.

TST - Russian Dance of Stewardesses (c) Bruce Clayton Tom

Photo by Bruce Clayton Tom

Once on board they all become suspicious of one another, eventually learning who they can trust to assist them on their mission. They then find different ways to plot against each other, stealing the suitcase with the secrets to the genetic modification.

TST - Opal with the case (c) Bruce Clayton Tom

Photo by Bruce Clayton Tom

It has a little bit of something for everyone. There is comedy, intrigue, dancing and singing, sexy 60’s style, food and more.  I loved all of the quick-witted humor and sly intrigue. My favorite were the spies whose characters were full of such crazy expressions (and thick accents).


Photo by Bruce Clayton Tom

This dinner theater was even set up as if you were right there with the crew inside the airplane.  To Savor Tomorrow is playing now until June 5th at Cafe Nordo. Get your tickets here.

Outlander Premier

7 Apr

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Outlander premier event, hosted by Starz and Comcast, at the Cinebarre in Mountlake Terrace. I was one of the lucky few who got to view the Season 2 premier early. This episode doesn’t air until Saturday.

We were all given one free drink ticket along with popcorn and soda. They had a raffle and the winners received awesome prizes like Outlander bags with dolls, and the season 1 episodes. One lucky winner even received an Apple watch.


Photo by Phototainment

There was even a photo booth where you were able to get your picture taken with Claire and Jamie.

We then watched the Season 2 premier.  At the beginning of the episode, we jump forward to when Claire sees her husband Frank from the 40s again after spending two years in the 1700s. During the second half of the episode, we then go back to the 1700s when she is with Jamie in Paris.

I think you will enjoy this episode. It was good. Don’t miss the Series 2 Season premier April 9th at 9 pm on Starz.

Through The Looking Glass

24 Mar

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Through the Looking Glass: The Burlesque Alice in Wonderland. This delightful show takes us to a night club called the Looking Glass, where we meet several characters. Each character dazzles us with their charm and style, giving us flawless dance performances filled with comedy, ballet, strip tease and much more.

The characters had plenty of personality and wore elaborate costumes. There was a caterpillar, Tweetle Dee dancers, a mysterious claw-like creature, Chandeliers, a Mad Hatter, Eat Me and Drink Me waitresses and much more.


Photo by POC Photo

One of my favorites was the Cheshire Cat who performed in slow cat-like movements seducing the audience with her long legs and disobedient manner. She would walk over the couch slowly as if she is up to no good.


Photo by POC Photo

Watching the white queen and red queen dance competitively against one another was fun. Each thought they had better dance moves then the other. It was great chemistry.


Photo by POC Photo


One of the last performances was that of the Queen of Hearts. She fit the role perfectly. During her performance she was wrestling with both the innocent and evil side of herself. This played out through out her dance. She would bat her eyelashes and smile one minute and then gesture wickedly the next.


Photo by POC Photo

These are just some of the many wild performances you will see. I urge you to see this show if you like comedy, dance and burlesque. This show has ballet, modern dance, and jazz mixed into all of its performances. You even get a wide variety of music as well, with jazz, classical, Indian and exotic music. For tickets, click here.

French Kiss at the Can Can

22 Mar

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of seeing the Can Can’s newest show, French Kiss.

Filled with entertainment that seduces the audience, this show has everything. From sexy costumes to modern dance moves, the show quickly engages the audience with its upbeat dance music and sultry flow. With perfect choreography, the dancers seduced each other and the audience with their sexy bodies, style and moves.


There was no shortage of sex appeal for the ladies, with the male dancers dancing in thongs and even bringing someone on stage to dance for.The show didn’t stop short there. The lady dancers often ended a dance number topless.

I loved seeing two of the dancers swing around together with their fast paced poses, defying gravity.


With dancers kicking and twirling, and pushing their body weight onto the side rails, in a very fast pace movement, these dancers were obviously physically fit. Their bodies looking really good and toned. One could watch them dance all day. By the end of the show you were wanting more. The talent that the Can Can always brings is quite remarkable, never disappointing, and they are always bringing their A game. Be sure to check out this show. Click here for tickets.

SAM Remix – Review

14 Mar

If you haven’t been to a SAM Remix, I urge you to check it out. If you like to dance, drink, participate in activities, and enjoy art, than this is the event for you.

The art that was on display was Kehinde Wiley’s New Republic. This art was my favorite headliner at a Remix yet. The paintings were full of vibrant colors and many patterns. One could see the multiple talents this artist embodies. The artist not only had paintings, but sculptures and stain glass art as well. All of the art had a theme of displaying street style black men in poses that you would normally see white men capturing, usually on a white horse with a sword or some other victorious pose. Some I could recognize as celebrities. When you first walk in, you see a painting of Michael Jackson, which had a huge presence,  with its size and colors.


The art made you think about race and how you would normally see white men in these paintings and sculptures, whether presidents or other historical figures. We don’t see black men and women displayed in our art history like this and it makes you realize the inequality that exists in art. Kehinde Wiley’s art celebrates black men and women.


There was also many activities to participate in. You could mix your own music on a laptop with different playlists and beats. If you wanted to cut out pictures of art and form a collage, this was something to do as well. Writing on a mirror one word that describes how you believe people see you, made you think. We also got to see a hip hop dance performed with amazing moves.

This was a fun night! For more information on Kehinde Wiley click here.

SAM REMIX 3/11/16

10 Mar
SAM Remix

SAM Remix Photo: Natali Wiseman


#SAMRemix returns for a full evening of performances, tours, dancing, creating, and exploring SAM’s collection and new exhibition, Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic. Drape and dress yourself in grand and ornate patterns inspired by Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic—the first 50 patterned people get in free!



Experience the galleries in new and innovative ways with highly opinionated My Favorite Things tours led by artists, performers, creatives, and thinkers.

Seattle Wine and Food Experience

29 Feb

Seattle Wine and Food Experience was the weekend of February 20th. It kicked off on Saturday night with the 2nd annual Pop Seafood and bubbles event at Mccaw Hall. A never ending display of seafood and different kinds of bubbly were available to attendees.

There were over 40 sparkling wines from around the world and each had their own distinct taste. Some wineries in attendance were Folio Wine Partners, Gruet Winery, J Wines, Martini and Rossi, St Michelle Wines, Trinchero Family Estates, Martedi Winery, Otis Kenyon, Robert Ramsey Cellars and many more. Pairing these with the seafood made an amazing delight.


With these wines were 16 of some of Seattle’s best chefs’ seafood. Some delicacies were Anthony’s Pier 66 oysters topped with creme fraiche and caviar, Chef Shota Nakajima’s smoked crab with miso vinaigrette, Chef John Roberts’ Tuna Poke with mango, pineapple, wasabi pudding, avocado and lime and much more. There was an oyster bar as well, which was excellent.

Dahlia Bakery, Ethan Stowell Restaurants and more were downstairs with yummy desserts.

The next day was the big event Seattle Wine and Food Experience with wines in Yakima, California, Oregon, and Washington regions. Some wines that I tasted were Columbia Crest, Chateau St Michelle, Browne Family Vineyards, Naked Winery, Dobbes Family Estate, Michael David Winery and more. I thought all were pretty good. If you were in the mood for hard liquor or beer and cider, there was also a section for that.


There is not enough room in this blog to mention all the food that was present. I wasn’t able to taste all of it because my stomach had it’s limits. I will just mention a few that were quite memorable to me. Chef Thoa Nguyen made an amazing scallop crunch roll that was my second favorite food from this event. I loved Chef Daniel Cox’s dirty rice. I also really enjoyed the potato hash station, which had chicken, veggie, and nacho potato hash, my favorite being veggie out of the three. Chef Wayne Johnson made a yummy jambalaya. Seattle Culinary Academy gave us shots of cauliflower soup, which was excellent. Thai food was present as well with Racha Noodles’ curry chicken. My favorite dish of the event was made by Local 360. It was their Central Texas brisket with all the fixins. Their barbeque sauce was a delicacy.


With all you can eat and drink from the finest wineries and best chefs, you won’t want to miss this event every year. It is one of my favorites. It has something for everyone and it’s the perfect event for both foodies and wine connoisseaurs.


16 Dec

This great show is filled with beauty and art. The choreography was on point keeping us enchanted throughout the show. The performances were both magical and seductive. One got the feeling we were indeed watching a winter wonderland unfold.

One of my favorite parts was when a dancer swung a silk sheet through the air, creating a silhouette of her dance. It was beautiful.

Photo by Alex Crick Flickr: Website:

Photo by Alex Crick

One lucky audience member was brought on stage to have a sexy dancer perform a seductive number for her, creating an unforgettable experience.

You won’t want to miss this show. It is perfect for the holidays and it will surely mesmerize you with such amazing talent. Tickets are available now through January 30th. Click here.

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