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Through The Looking Glass

24 Mar

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Through the Looking Glass: The Burlesque Alice in Wonderland. This delightful show takes us to a night club called the Looking Glass, where we meet several characters. Each character dazzles us with their charm and style, giving us flawless dance performances filled with comedy, ballet, strip tease and much more.

The characters had plenty of personality and wore elaborate costumes. There was a caterpillar, Tweetle Dee dancers, a mysterious claw-like creature, Chandeliers, a Mad Hatter, Eat Me and Drink Me waitresses and much more.


Photo by POC Photo

One of my favorites was the Cheshire Cat who performed in slow cat-like movements seducing the audience with her long legs and disobedient manner. She would walk over the couch slowly as if she is up to no good.


Photo by POC Photo

Watching the white queen and red queen dance competitively against one another was fun. Each thought they had better dance moves then the other. It was great chemistry.


Photo by POC Photo


One of the last performances was that of the Queen of Hearts. She fit the role perfectly. During her performance she was wrestling with both the innocent and evil side of herself. This played out through out her dance. She would bat her eyelashes and smile one minute and then gesture wickedly the next.


Photo by POC Photo

These are just some of the many wild performances you will see. I urge you to see this show if you like comedy, dance and burlesque. This show has ballet, modern dance, and jazz mixed into all of its performances. You even get a wide variety of music as well, with jazz, classical, Indian and exotic music. For tickets, click here.

Burlesco Divino

5 Oct

I had the opportunity of seeing Burlesco Divino at the Triple Door. It was quite a spectacle with a little something for everyone. The show takes place in Rome in 1963. It is about an American writer and her Italian friend who must meet a deadline of putting together an extravagant show for Rome.

Through their journey of finding the best costumes and dancers in Rome, we see many different performances. They take us to a high-end designer store, where we get to see some ballroom dancing. We are also taken to see a 60’s inspired performance with a trio performing to the beat of go-go rock while riding and dancing on their motor cars.


The writer and her friend get side tracked a couple of times, where we find ourselves laughing at some of their escapades. One that comes to mind is where the American writer is caught up with several half-naked people dancing among themselves with cigarettes and bottles of wine in hand. The Italian friend then reminds the American writer of the task at hand and they go along their way.

There were some great burlesque performances as well but one in particular that deserves a mention was when the dancer teased us by playfully splashing and dancing inside a large martini glass. I have never seen any burlesque performance like this one.

The finale performance was one with belly dancing, Egyptian music, fire juggling, ballet and jazz, and much more. The choreography was amazing. There was so many different kinds of dances with different styles and music. I love to watch a good dance show and this one did not disappoint.

unnamed (1)

Seattle Art Museum’s Remix tonight

21 Aug


AUG 21 2015



8 PM – 11:59 PM

#SAMRemix returns and we celebrate summer at the Olympic Sculpture Park among Sam Vernon’s site-specific installation, How Ghosts Sleep (Seattle): Hive and SAM’s Olympic Sculpture Park collection, during a special evening of performances, tours, dancing and more at this late-night creative explosion.

SAM Remix – Aug 2015 OSP

SAM Remix – Aug 2015 OSP

The night’s activities include:

  • Dance under the stars to soul, funk, and original beats with OCNotes.
  • Keep moving all night long to hip-hop and pop beats with DJ Josai.
  • Experience a psychedelic, fantastical journey with modern day oracle Queen Shmooquan.
  • Grab some space on the lawn and take in the cat extravaganza with The Internet Cat Video Festival, produced and curated by the Walker Art Center.
  • Get surprised by two super-secret bands brought by, Seattle Secret Shows.
  • Add to collective forms and transform your image into a Visible Beast with Polina Tereshina.
  • Create recycled charms and wearable art withTariqa Waters.
  • Grow a collective tree sculpture with Alicia Betty, inspired by Dan Webb’s Break It Down .
  • Are you an owlligator? A zebrat? Discover your inner and outer spirit animals with miss TANGQ.
  • Davione Gordon responds in movement to Sam Vernon’s How Ghosts Sleep (Seattle): Hive .
  • Shine a light onto 20,000 years of Seattle history with an interactive shadow installation, About Time, by Michael Lewis and Jordan West Monez.

Explore the park in new and unexpected ways with My Favorite Things: Highly Opinionated Tours led by artists, community figures and special guests including:

  • Lucien Pellegrin, founder of Love City Love, photographer
  • David Hytone, Seattle artist, host of The Makers Podcast
  • Allison Kudla, artist, scientist, and technologist
  • Karleen Ilagan and Robin Guilfoil, owners of Moksha clothing boutique and art collective
  • Clarissa San Diego, co-founder of SoDo Makerspace
  • Michael Lewis and Jordan West Monez, designers and artists from Duwamish Reveale

Stripped Screw Burlesque

21 Jul

On July 18th I had the opportunity of seeing Stripped Screw’s Hard Love burlesque show. I’ve been to burlesque shows in the past, but this one was more seductive than the others I’ve seen.

Photo by Meneldor Photography.

Photo by Meneldor Photography.

This show made it quite clear that burlesque is in fact an art form. Every act played out their own way of seducing the audience. They made their entrance grand with costumes and props that wowed the audience. The performers usually began their dance fully covered, but we knew that by the end, this clothing would ultimately fall to the floor. The anticipation built up until they would inevitably reveal their glittery undergarments and pasties. We would then see them twirl their pasties and shake their backside to a crowd cheering them on.

Photo by Meneldor Photography.

Photo by Meneldor Photography.

This seduction played out over and over again in each act, but each in different ways. A particular favorite of mine was when one of the dancers was dancing behind sheer silk-like material, which she spun and twirled, creating ripples. This lured us, seeing her silhouette move behind the sheer curtain she had created.

We also saw vinyl, cat ears, trench coats, cloaks, and much more. The music always matched the performance, seducing us with every beat.  I would recommend this show to all of the hardcore burlesque fans.

Photo by Meneldor Photography.

Photo by Meneldor Photography.

For more info on Stripped Screw Burlesque, go to strippedscrewburlesque.com.

Seattle Art Museum’s Night of Disguise

22 Jun

I had the pleasure of attending the night of disguise event at the Seattle Art Museum last Friday. It was a night full of arts and crafts, performances, and several guided tours.

I first checked out a performance of intense trans-like music with a screen of 3D graphic design-looking art with live motion. It reminded me of a well designed video game. It was definitely something new to me and captivating to the eye. Around the corner was an arts and crafts table for kids to explore their creative side.

As I made my way up to the exhibit, I wondered the halls to view many of the sculptures and paintings on display. They had glass sculptures from Dale Chihuly, and several other sculptures.

At the top floor was the disguise exhibit. They were having guided tours if you were interested in learning more.  Many of these masks appeared tribal. They were from parts of Africa, like Niger.



My favorite part was the colorful figures seated in a meditation pose. The detail and colors were beautiful. The faces were made with glass squares, which gave it a sparkly look.

There were also figures draped in cloth with masks covering the faces. It was kind of eerie yet one could not help but look at them. It felt as if they were real people with faces behind masks peering right back at you.


At the end of the exhibit, you could look in the mirror, while standing behind many different masks, and it would appear as if you were actually wearing the mask.


I would recommend this exhibit to anyone interested in seeing global African art that is tribal and colorful.

Disguise: Masks and Global African Art will be on display at the Seattle Art Museum from June 18th – September 7th 2015. To get your tickets, click here.

Night of Disguise

17 Jun

On Friday June 19th, the Seattle Art Museum will be kicking off their newest exhibit Disguise: Masks and Global African Art. There will be live performances, music, art and tours.

Photo by SAM website.

Photo by SAM website.

Performances by:

    • Reifying Desire: Jacolby Satterwhite creates a distorted simulacrum of reality through dance, performance, drawing, and digital media.
    • Experience traditional and contemporary pan-African dance styles with Tongo-born dancer, Al’nuzan.
    • nGangulero: Alejandro Guzman’s family of sculptures catalyze creative misunderstandings and unexpected exchanges in public spaces.
    • Hear spoken word poems form local youth poets exploring themes of identity with Youth Speaks Seattle.
    • ChimaTEK Virtual Chimeric Space: Saya Woolfalk’s installation in Disguise gets activated by The Empathics.
    • The Kissing Mask: Wura-Natashi Ogunji asks, “Who are you kissing, when you kiss a mask?”

Music by DJ Riz and Brian Tang.

Activities include:

    • Disguise in plain sight using cropped facial images and personal flare with artist Tariqa Waters.
    • Catch Nollywood movie trailers, the booming cinema industry in Nigeria.
    • Create a mask with artist Romson Bustillo that covers your mouth and encourages you to look and listen.
    • We all wear masks, whether literal or imaginary. On fabric, respond to Disguise with your experience of wearing a mask with artist Sandra Farmer .
    • Disguise Artists SAM Collection Audio Tour: Listen toDisguise artists discuss works in SAM’s collection. See what these contemporary artists have to say about art from other centuries and cultures.


Experience the galleries in new and unexpected ways with tours led by artists in Disguise:

    • Jakob Dwight
    • Emeka Ogboh
    • Brenden Fernandes
    • Alejandro Guzman

This is an all ages event so bring the family and check out SAM’s newest exhibit. For more info click here.

Pratt Studio’s Gallery 54 Exhibition and Guided Tour

23 Apr

Pratt Fine Arts Center was established in 1976 and it has given artists and students a hands-on learning and working environment ever since. Many well-known artists have started their careers in Pratt studios. This year marks their 33rd Annual Fine Art Auction displaying many works of all different kinds.The theme of the auction is 70’s inspired, along with some of the art pieces.

Studio 54 DR and MJ

The evening before this auction takes place, the Arts Center will have its exhibition tour open to the public free of charge. Micheal Monroe, Director Emeritus of the Bellevue Arts Museum will be leading guided tours starting at 7:30 pm. At this exhibition, the silent auction will also begin.


You will get to see many colorful paintings, sculptures, jewelry, vases, photography, prints and much more created from different master artists, including Dale Chihuly. Man of these artists are locally and nationally recognized. View the catalog here.

The Gallery 54 Exhibition and Guided Tour is tomorrow April 24th from 6-9 pm.

The Pratt Studio 54 33rd Annual Fine Art Auction is Saturday April 25th.

For more info on both these events, click here.

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