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Through The Looking Glass

24 Mar

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Through the Looking Glass: The Burlesque Alice in Wonderland. This delightful show takes us to a night club called the Looking Glass, where we meet several characters. Each character dazzles us with their charm and style, giving us flawless dance performances filled with comedy, ballet, strip tease and much more.

The characters had plenty of personality and wore elaborate costumes. There was a caterpillar, Tweetle Dee dancers, a mysterious claw-like creature, Chandeliers, a Mad Hatter, Eat Me and Drink Me waitresses and much more.


Photo by POC Photo

One of my favorites was the Cheshire Cat who performed in slow cat-like movements seducing the audience with her long legs and disobedient manner. She would walk over the couch slowly as if she is up to no good.


Photo by POC Photo

Watching the white queen and red queen dance competitively against one another was fun. Each thought they had better dance moves then the other. It was great chemistry.


Photo by POC Photo


One of the last performances was that of the Queen of Hearts. She fit the role perfectly. During her performance she was wrestling with both the innocent and evil side of herself. This played out through out her dance. She would bat her eyelashes and smile one minute and then gesture wickedly the next.


Photo by POC Photo

These are just some of the many wild performances you will see. I urge you to see this show if you like comedy, dance and burlesque. This show has ballet, modern dance, and jazz mixed into all of its performances. You even get a wide variety of music as well, with jazz, classical, Indian and exotic music. For tickets, click here.

French Kiss at the Can Can

22 Mar

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of seeing the Can Can’s newest show, French Kiss.

Filled with entertainment that seduces the audience, this show has everything. From sexy costumes to modern dance moves, the show quickly engages the audience with its upbeat dance music and sultry flow. With perfect choreography, the dancers seduced each other and the audience with their sexy bodies, style and moves.


There was no shortage of sex appeal for the ladies, with the male dancers dancing in thongs and even bringing someone on stage to dance for.The show didn’t stop short there. The lady dancers often ended a dance number topless.

I loved seeing two of the dancers swing around together with their fast paced poses, defying gravity.


With dancers kicking and twirling, and pushing their body weight onto the side rails, in a very fast pace movement, these dancers were obviously physically fit. Their bodies looking really good and toned. One could watch them dance all day. By the end of the show you were wanting more. The talent that the Can Can always brings is quite remarkable, never disappointing, and they are always bringing their A game. Be sure to check out this show. Click here for tickets.


16 Dec

This great show is filled with beauty and art. The choreography was on point keeping us enchanted throughout the show. The performances were both magical and seductive. One got the feeling we were indeed watching a winter wonderland unfold.

One of my favorite parts was when a dancer swung a silk sheet through the air, creating a silhouette of her dance. It was beautiful.

Photo by Alex Crick Flickr: www.flickr.com/crickontour Website: www.crickontour.com

Photo by Alex Crick
Flickr: www.flickr.com/crickontour
Website: www.crickontour.com

One lucky audience member was brought on stage to have a sexy dancer perform a seductive number for her, creating an unforgettable experience.

You won’t want to miss this show. It is perfect for the holidays and it will surely mesmerize you with such amazing talent. Tickets are available now through January 30th. Click here.

Burlesco Divino

5 Oct

I had the opportunity of seeing Burlesco Divino at the Triple Door. It was quite a spectacle with a little something for everyone. The show takes place in Rome in 1963. It is about an American writer and her Italian friend who must meet a deadline of putting together an extravagant show for Rome.

Through their journey of finding the best costumes and dancers in Rome, we see many different performances. They take us to a high-end designer store, where we get to see some ballroom dancing. We are also taken to see a 60’s inspired performance with a trio performing to the beat of go-go rock while riding and dancing on their motor cars.


The writer and her friend get side tracked a couple of times, where we find ourselves laughing at some of their escapades. One that comes to mind is where the American writer is caught up with several half-naked people dancing among themselves with cigarettes and bottles of wine in hand. The Italian friend then reminds the American writer of the task at hand and they go along their way.

There were some great burlesque performances as well but one in particular that deserves a mention was when the dancer teased us by playfully splashing and dancing inside a large martini glass. I have never seen any burlesque performance like this one.

The finale performance was one with belly dancing, Egyptian music, fire juggling, ballet and jazz, and much more. The choreography was amazing. There was so many different kinds of dances with different styles and music. I love to watch a good dance show and this one did not disappoint.

unnamed (1)

Flamingo – Review

4 Aug

Last Friday I got to check out the Flamingo show at the Can Can. If you haven’t had a chance to see it, I urge you to check it out. The shows at the Can Can are always very visually appealing. Glitter, sequence, bright colors, swing sets, feathers, and bubbles are just some of the images you will see at this show.

photo by Alex Crick.

photo by Alex Crick.

The show had many different performances, each one having different music, props, costumes and style. We were able to see a wide variety of chemistry play out between many different dancers as well as the group as a whole.

I particularly enjoyed the opening group performance with its bright colors and upbeat music. This performance really made an entrance. Following it, we would see a cute performance of a dancer dancing in a bathtub with bubbles all around her.

photo by Alex Crick.

photo by Alex Crick.

photo by Alex Crick

photo by Alex Crick

There were even acrobatics. A male dancer swung incredibly fast using a rope.

This show was filled with all kinds of talents and even had some comedy. All of the dancing was on point and I could not say enough about this show. These dancers were so good, it seemed like they were out of a music video. Simply an amazing show that will draw you in with its seduction and dance moves.

The show will be going on until October. Click here for tickets.

Upcoming Events:

South Lake Union Block Party August 7th

Seattle Street Food Festival August 15 – 16th

SAM Remix at Olympic Sculpture Park August 21st

Stripped Screw Burlesque

21 Jul

On July 18th I had the opportunity of seeing Stripped Screw’s Hard Love burlesque show. I’ve been to burlesque shows in the past, but this one was more seductive than the others I’ve seen.

Photo by Meneldor Photography.

Photo by Meneldor Photography.

This show made it quite clear that burlesque is in fact an art form. Every act played out their own way of seducing the audience. They made their entrance grand with costumes and props that wowed the audience. The performers usually began their dance fully covered, but we knew that by the end, this clothing would ultimately fall to the floor. The anticipation built up until they would inevitably reveal their glittery undergarments and pasties. We would then see them twirl their pasties and shake their backside to a crowd cheering them on.

Photo by Meneldor Photography.

Photo by Meneldor Photography.

This seduction played out over and over again in each act, but each in different ways. A particular favorite of mine was when one of the dancers was dancing behind sheer silk-like material, which she spun and twirled, creating ripples. This lured us, seeing her silhouette move behind the sheer curtain she had created.

We also saw vinyl, cat ears, trench coats, cloaks, and much more. The music always matched the performance, seducing us with every beat.  I would recommend this show to all of the hardcore burlesque fans.

Photo by Meneldor Photography.

Photo by Meneldor Photography.

For more info on Stripped Screw Burlesque, go to strippedscrewburlesque.com.

Upcoming Summer Events

15 Jul

You can be sure the Summer season is a time of year in which you can easily fill your calendar with many great events.. Check out this blog post for some of the main ones that you won’t want to miss. They are in chronological order.

Bite of Seattle


There will be 50+ restaurants and 30+ food product companies at this major food festival.There will also be wine tastings, cooking demos and beer gardens. Check out  movie night on Friday, which will play the movie Ghostbusters. There will be five music stages featuring nearly 100 acts. You won’t want to miss this event. This event is taking place July 17-19.  For more info, click here.

Stripped Screw Burlesque presents Hard Love: A Hot Summer Night


Burlesque fans rejoice for this event. Make a date with Seattle’s Twisted Troupe this Summer. Stripped Screw Burlesque presents an evening of sultry and comedic burlesque featuring new and favorite acts from the Screws. Boom Boom L’Roux, The Sound of Freedom, Miss Elaine Yes and Vanadium Silver will all be featured for this performance. The act will take place July 18th at the Columbia City Theater. For tickets, click here.

Capitol Hill Block Party


On July 24-26th music lovers rejoice and share the best three days of your summer. There will be 100+ bands and 3 beer gardens. A few artists in attendance are Ratatat, TV On The Radio, The Kills, Toro y Moi, Built to Spill, and Jamie xx. For more info, go to capitolhillblockparty.com.  For tickets, click here.

Red, White and Brew


On Friday July 24th, taste the best Washington state wines. Join Seattle magazine’s tasting event of the summer. This is their fourth annual tasting event honoring the wineries featured in the 10th Annual Best Washington Wine Awards, selected by a panel of the top sommeliers and wine professionals in Seattle. This will be a rooftop party located in the heart of downtown at the Rooftop part at the Rainier Tower. The event will have small plates from local restaurants and a VIP lounge. For tickets, click here.

Tasting Flight at the Zoo


On July 24th, experience a huge array of Northwest’s boutique wineries on the zoo’s picturesque North Meadow presented by Seattle Uncorked. This event includes 10 tastings from more than 40 wineries, live music, bottles and concessions available for purchase, real close animal encounters and access to some award-winning animal exhibits. For tickets, click here.

South Lake Union Block Party


This free event on August 7th is packed with food and music. Advanced tickets are available to sample local restaurants at Savor SLU. There will also be food truck serving up some delicious bites. The Block Party’s annual grilling competition will take place. Local restaurants will be vying for the title of “SLU’s best burger”. Some of the musicians that will perform are

For more info and to get tickets, click here.

Seattle Street Food Festival


On August 15-16th over four blocks will be filled with over 70 local food vendors and complimented with a live music stage and beer garden. There will also be over 75 local hand made crafters. The kick off party is August 15 at the South Lake Union Discovery Center with live music, food trucks and lawn games.

Friday, August 14th | 3pm – 9pm | Kick off party
– Saturday, August 15th (Night Market) | 12-11pm
– Sunday, August 16th | 11-7pm

For more info, click here.

These are just some of the cool events this summer. I will post more as we head into August.

Freedom Fantasia at The Triple Door

26 Jun


Beginning July 1st, the Freedom Fantasia show will be at the Triple Door for three nights. As 4th of July is just around the corner, this is the perfect show to help celebrate the festivities. Comedy, song, burlesque, and dance is what you will see. The show celebrates the highs and lows of America with patriotic satire. Featuring the combined talent of Seattle’s drag with a glittery stage and red, white and blue costumes.

This show has gotten good reviews from the Seattle Weekly, Seattle Gay News, the Stranger, and more. DeLouRue Presents was named “Artists of the Year” by City Arts magazine.

The performance will be July 1st – 3rd. For more info and to purchase tickets, click here.


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Morbid Curiositease, Compendium of Oddities

21 Apr

Ever wanted to find entertainment that shocked and surprised you? Well, I think I have come across a show that will do just that.

It is in part produced by La Petite who has been a producer and performer for years, which included a 2 year run of sold out caberet shows. Currently, she is joining forces with a man by the name of M. Incroyable to produce a show called Morbid Curiositease, Compendium of Oddities.


This show is a variety show of oddities. Some performances include a bearded lady singing opera, the tallest woman on earth, conjoined twins, a snake woman, live music, and classic burlesque. I have a feeling that we won’t want to stop staring in strange amusement at these performances. Either way it sure makes for an interesting event to blog about.


La Petite Mort

Czech Mate

Christine Anne

Orchestre d’Incroyable

and many more.

Get your tickets here.

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