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Burlesco Divino

5 Oct

I had the opportunity of seeing Burlesco Divino at the Triple Door. It was quite a spectacle with a little something for everyone. The show takes place in Rome in 1963. It is about an American writer and her Italian friend who must meet a deadline of putting together an extravagant show for Rome.

Through their journey of finding the best costumes and dancers in Rome, we see many different performances. They take us to a high-end designer store, where we get to see some ballroom dancing. We are also taken to see a 60’s inspired performance with a trio performing to the beat of go-go rock while riding and dancing on their motor cars.


The writer and her friend get side tracked a couple of times, where we find ourselves laughing at some of their escapades. One that comes to mind is where the American writer is caught up with several half-naked people dancing among themselves with cigarettes and bottles of wine in hand. The Italian friend then reminds the American writer of the task at hand and they go along their way.

There were some great burlesque performances as well but one in particular that deserves a mention was when the dancer teased us by playfully splashing and dancing inside a large martini glass. I have never seen any burlesque performance like this one.

The finale performance was one with belly dancing, Egyptian music, fire juggling, ballet and jazz, and much more. The choreography was amazing. There was so many different kinds of dances with different styles and music. I love to watch a good dance show and this one did not disappoint.

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Cabaret – Review

27 Jul

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of seeing Cabaret the musical at the Everett Performing Arts Center. This musical’s music and lyrics are by the award-winning team of Chicago. Being a fan of Chicago, I knew I was in for a real treat.

When the curtain went up, we felt a major presence in the auditorium. A red flashy cabaret sign hung high above the stage for all to see. Dancers appeared with their sexy undergarments singing and dancing in sync. This was a musical I couldn’t take my eyes off. The music was memorable and catchy and the dancing was sexy and seductive.

Photo by Mark Kitaoka.

Photo by Mark Kitaoka.

The musical centers around two characters who fall in love during the 1930s in Berlin. This is a time when the Nazis were threatening to take over the government. Sally is a dancer at a club and she meets a handsome American novelist who is taken by surprise by her charming presence. She soon convinces him that she needs a place to stay temporarily, but before you know it, they fall in love. Sally becomes pregnant and her guy comes up with a plan to take her and flee to America. He is concerned with the Nazis’ threat to take over Berlin and the danger for him and his new family. Sally is resistant to this idea and struggles with leaving her career behind for love.

Photo by Mark Kitaoka.

Photo by Mark Kitaoka.

The acting and singing were very strong and the lead actress who played Sally had a very powerful voice. My favorite song was one where she was singing about her history for playing the field with her many men. It gave you some background into her character and her resistance about falling in love. It was a dramatic song that sucked you in.

Photo by Mark Kitaoka.

Photo by Mark Kitaoka.

I would see this musical again if I had a chance. Don’t miss out on this flashy, mesmerizing show. There is only one week left so click here to get your tickets.

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